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Francis Durbridge Presents: The Desperate People (BBC 1963, Denis Quilley)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Francis Durbridge Presents thriller serial The Desperate People was a six parter for the BBC that aired in 1963, it saw photographer Larry Martin (Denis Quilley) become convinced that there was more to his brother Philip’s (Philip Guard) death than appears. The cast also included a young Nigel Hawthorne as well as Peter Ducrow from Adam Adamant Lives.

Philip, the brother, had been serving in the British Army in Germany but is spending his leave with Larry. First though he claims he needs to visit Ireland to see the widow of an old army friend. Larry discovers that Philip had been lying about what he was up to. Larry also soon discovers that there are certain people who do not want him getting at the truth.

Series: Francis Durbridge Presents Season 2

Cast: DENIS QUILLEY as Larry Martin; HUGH CROSS as Det Insp Hyde; STUART HUTCHIINSON as Det Sgt Macey; PETER DUCROW as Det Insp Lang; NIGEL HAWTHORNE as Cliff Fletcher; COLIN PINNEY as Det Sgt Harrison; JUNE ELLIS as Vanessa Curtis; PHILIP GUARD as Philip Martin; BARRY JACKSON as Andy Wilson; ARTRO MORRIS as Arthur; GERARD HEINZ as Dr Linderhof; ROSEMARY ROGERS as Doreen; JANET DAVIES as Joyce Naylor; KENNETH KEELING as Oscar Naylor

Writer: Francis Durbridge / Producer and Director: Alan Bromly

UK / BBC / 6×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 February – 31 March 1963 Sundays at 4.55pm black and white