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Francis Storm Investigates (ITV Crime Drama, Brian Worth, William Simons)



Francis Storm Investigates ITV 1960 William Simons Brian Worth

Crime drama series Francis Storm Investigates was about the exploits of private detective Francis Storm (Brian Worth). His teenage assistant was Robin (William Simons) and Storm’s muscle and all round aide-de-camp was former royal marine Horace Pilcher. Also a regular part of the series was Storm’s secretary Penny Worth (Sarah Long).

The one season show aired in a Tuesday afternoon tea-time slot for the family audience and Storm himself had a background of working for proto secret service SOE during world war II.

Cast: Brian Worth as Francis Storm; William Simons as Robin; Robin Wentworth as Horace Pilcher / Sarah Long as Penny Worth

Creator: Peter Elliott Hayes / Director: Grahame Turner

UK / ITV – Associated Rediffusion / 5×30 minute episodes / 8 March – 5 April 1960