I Am Frankie (Nickelodeon 2017, Alex Hook, Nicole Alyse Nelson)

In teen sitcom I Am Frankie a cutting edge, experimental android navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager.

I Am Frankie tells the story of Frankie Gaines (Alex Hook), who looks like any other human girl, but harbors a big secret–she functions as a high-tech computer, complete with internet access, extensive memory and more.

After escaping from tech company EGG Labs to avoid being used for evil purposes, Frankie enrolls in high school in an attempt to pass as a typical teenager. Despite having an inside full of wires and circuits, Frankie begins to adapt well by bonding with her new best friend Dayton (Nicole Alyse Nelson), juggling loads of homework and dealing with boy crushes, all while keeping her true identity a secret. Suspicion soon arises about Frankie, as popular girls Tammy (Mohana Krishnan), Lucia (Uriel Baldesco) and Makayla (Kristi Beckett) question her quick victory during a math competition. To complicate things even further, Frankie’s wiring goes haywire as she starts experiencing human emotion, creating more challenges and adventurous fun. How long can she keep her true identity a secret while maintaining herself as a normal teenager?

Alex Hook as Frankie Gaines
Nicole Alyse Nelson as Dayton Reyes
Uriel Baldesco as Lucia Baxter
Armani Barrett as Byron Patrick
Kristi Beckett as Makayla
Sophia Forest as Jenny Gaines
Mohana Krishnan as Tammy Gilroy
Carson Rowland as Cole Reyes
Michael Laurino as Will Gaines
Carrie Schroeder as Dr. Sigourney Gaines
Mark Jacobson as PEGS1
Joy Kigin as Ms. Hough
Kyson Facer as Andrew LaPierre
James D. Ballard as Mr. Kingston
Tracy A. Johnson as EGG Lab Engineer
Tay Lindsey as EGG Lab Engineer
Todd Allen Durkin as Dr. James Peters
Rachael Thompson as Engineer Anderson

crew details
Creator: Marcela Citterio

production details
Country: USA
Network: Nickelodeon – Paradiso Pictures
Duration: x22 minute episodes
Aired From: 4 September 2017 –

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