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Frieda (BBC 1948, Moira Lister, Derek Bond)



In this early drama RAF officer Robert Dawson shocks his family by returning from the war with a German wife. Frieda was a successful play for Ronald Miller, it had previously been mounted as a TV play in 1946 with Valerie White in the main role of Frieda and again in 1947 as a cinema release with Mai Zetterling in the Frieda role.

Moira Lister as Frieda
Derek Bond as Robert Dawson
Albert Lieven as Richard Mansfield
Ronald Adam as The Rev. Francis Munroe
Donald Barclay as Tony Dawson
Joyce Carey as Eleanor Dawson
Peter Moffatt as Tom Merrick
Susan Richmond as Mrs. Mary Dawson
Joy Shelton as Mrs. Judy Dawson

crew details
Writer: Ronald Miller
Producer: Harold Clayton

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: BBC
Duration: 105 minutes
Aired From: 24 October 1948