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Fun At The Funeral Parlour (PlayUK – BBC Choice 2001-2002, William Thomas, Rhys Thomas)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Sitcom Fun at the Funeral Parlour took us into the world of a family of funeral directors Thomas, Thomas, Thomas & Thomas in a small South Wales village. Head of the family is Ivor who actually has a fear of dead bodies and his three sons Percy, Arwell and Gwynne have plenty of problems too.

The series had quite a good pedigree, Rhys Thomas was a Fast Show alumni (indeed Fast Show co-creator Charlie Higson acted as script editor on this) and attracted some big name guest stars including Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Brian Blessed, Bill Oddie, Tom Baker, Christopher Cazenove, Art Malik, Phil Cornwell and Dudley Sutton as well as Fast Show stars Paul Whitehouse, Mark Williams and Higson.

production details
UK / Play UK – BBC Choice / 12×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 21 June 2001 – 12 March 2002

Writer: Rhys Thomas / Script Editor: Charlie Higson / Producer: Simon Lupton / Directors: Peter Boyd Maclean, Christine Gernon

William Thomas as Ivor Thomas
Rhys Thomas as Percy Thomas
Alex Lowe as Arwell Thomas
Tony Way as Gwynne Thomas
Joanna Scanlan as various roles
Steve Furst as various roles
Wendy Watson as Sian Bennett