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Game Show In My Head (CBS 2009, Joe Rogan)



Game Show In My Head was a hidden camera game show from Ashton Kutcher. Ordinary people must perform extraordinary tasks on an unsuspecting public to win up to $50,000.

Under the watchful eye of host Joe Rogan, each contestant performs five outrageous, embarrassing and hilarious tasks worth $5,000 each. In a no-holds-barred bonus round, each contestant has the chance to double their money up to $50,000.

Based on a UK original.

Joe Rogan as Host

key behind the scenes crew
Ashton Kutcher as Executive Producer
Jason Goldberg as Executive Producer
Jimmy Mulville as Executive Producer
Karey Burke as Executive Producer
Leon Wilde as Executive Producer
Michael Binkow as Executive Producer

show type
game show

broadcast from
1/3/2009 – 1/24/2009
1 season with 8 episodes in total

network and production companies
CBS – Fox 21 – Hat Trick Productions – Katalyst Films