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Game Of Silence (NBC 2016, David Lyons, Claire Van Der Boom)Game Of Silence (NBC 2016, David Lyons, Claire Van Der Boom)


Game Of Silence (NBC 2016, David Lyons, Claire Van Der Boom)



In Game of Silence four best friends have a dark secret they thought was buried 25 years ago, but they soon discover that you can’t hide your past forever.

From the executive producers of “CSI” and “Friday Night Lights” comes a gripping new drama about friendship, love, revenge and the moral dilemma of how far one will go in the pursuit of justice. Jackson Brooks (David Lyons, “Revolution”) is a successful attorney who seems to have it all. He’s engaged to a wonderful woman who happens to be his boss, Marina (Claire Van Der Boom, “Hawaii Five-O”), and he’s on the fast track to becoming partner at his firm, but his world is turned upside down when his long-lost childhood friends unexpectedly reappear after 25 years.

Jackson, Gil Harris (Michael Raymond James, “True Blood”) and Shawn Cook (Larenz Tate, “Rush”) always stuck together, like brothers. They spent their boyhood summers in the small town of Brennan, Texas, swimming in the quarry, shooting bottle rockets and doing everything they could to mine the fun out of small-town life. But their idyllic world turned chaotic one fateful summer afternoon when a well-intentioned and heroic attempt to save their friend Jessie (Bre Blair, “Last Vegas”) from her alcoholic mother ultimately cost the 13-year-old boys nine months at Quitman Youth Detention Facility where their lives were changed forever.

Now, 25 years later, the nightmare of the worst nine months of their lives has resurfaced, uprooting a mystery even deeper than their buried past. The brotherhood must now band together to right the wrongs of their shared past – a journey that will push the limits of their loyalty and ignite an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

Based on a Turkish original.

David Lyons as Jackson Brooks
Michael Raymond-James as Gil Harris
Larenz Tate as Shawn Cook
Bre Blair as Jessie West
Claire van der Boom as Marina Nagle
Conor O’Farrell as Roy Carroll
Deidrie Henry as Liz Winters
Demetrius Grosse as Terry Suggs
Derek Phillips as Boots

key behind the scenes crew
Carol Mendelsohn as Executive Producer
David Hudgins as Creator/Executive Producer
Deran Sarafian as Executive Producer
Julie Weitz as Executive Producer
Niels Arden Oplev as Executive Producer/Director of pilot
Tariq Jalil as Executive Producer
Timur Savci as Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
4/12/2016 – 6/5/2016
1 season with 10 episodes in total.

network and production companies
NBC – Carol Mendelsohn Productions – Sony Pictures Television – Universal Television


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