Garage Sale Mysteries: Murder In D Minor (Hallmark 2018, Lori Loughlin)

In Murder In D Minor, another Garage Sale Mystery, Jennifer wins the bid on a vintage self-playing piano at an estate auction. The piano was owned by the late Carl Deats and Jennifer discovers that this wealthy philanthropist has a dark history.

production details
USA / Hallmark / 1×120 minutes / 2018

Director: Neill Fearnley
Writer: John Whelpley

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Lori Loughlin as Jennifer
Eva Bourne as Hannah
Sarah Strange as Dani
Steve Bacic as Jason
Matthew Harrison as Drew
Kevin O’Grady as Detective Lynwood
Connor Stanhope as Logan
Martin Chris William Martin as Jacques
Jay Brazeau as Tramell
Alison Wandzura as Carolyn
Garrett Black as Howie Nash
Jeff Joseph as Dean Connick
Devielle Johnson as Coach Byers
Sean Tyson as Dwyer
Michael Ryan as Siles

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