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Gathering, The (Lifetime 2007, Peter Gallagher, Peter Fonda)



The Gathering 2007 Peter Gallagher and Peter Fonda

In sinister mini-series The Gathering Michael Foster seems to have it all: a great job, a beautiful wife and a teenage daughter who’s only a bit of a handful. But on a particularly romantic evening, Michael’s beloved wife disappears from their locked home, and his world collapses.

Michael soon discovers that his wife’s vanishing act may be linked to other mysterious disappearances and that the explanation for them may be a mystical one. Something scary is happening, and there’s no one for Michael to trust when it looks as though everyone is a part of the conspiracy. Before he knows it, Michael is mixed up in a case involving witches, black magic and murder. Can he save himself and his daughter before it’s too late?

Peter Gallagher as Michael Foster
Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Maggy Rue
Jenna Boyd as Zee Foster
Kristin Lehmann as Ann Foster
Peter Fonda as Thomas Carrier

key behind the scenes crew
Bill Eagles as Director
David Eick as Executive Producer
John Shiban as Writer/Executive Producer
Tom Patricia as Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
10/13/2007 – 10/14/2007
2 episodes in total

network and production companies
Lifetime – Cine Pico – Grove Street Pictures – Sony Pictures Television



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