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George Of The Jungle (ABC 1967-1970, Bill Scott, June Foray)



Animated Cartoon made up of three different segments George of the Jungle, Superchicken and Tom Slick, the individual plotlines were:-

GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE: The story, set in the Imgwee Gwee Valley in Africa, follows the exploits of George, the king of the jungle, a tree-crashing, simple-minded klutz who aids people in distress.

Additional Characters: Bella and Ursula, his native girlfriends; Ape his overgrown gorilla; Shep, his elephant, Wiggy, the rhino, and Tiger and Weavel, his enemies, who seek to foil his good deeds.

SUPER CHICKEN: The story of Henry Cabot Henhouse III, a mild mannered scientist who discovers Super Sauce, a drink that transforms him into the daring crime fighter Super Chicken. Episodes relate his battle against the forces of evil. His assistant; Fred the loin.

TOM SLICK: The misadventures of Tom Slick, a simple-minded racing car driver. His aide: Marigold; the car: The Thunderbold Grease Slapper.

There was something of an ill judged reboot in 2008.

production details
USA / ABC – Jay Ward / 51×30 minute episodes / 9 September 1967 – 6 September 1970

Music: Sheldon Allman, Stan Worth / Producer: Jay Ward, Bill Scott

voice cast
Bill Scott as George of the Jungle
June Foray
Paul Frees
Bill Conrad
Walter Tetley
Skip Craig
Barbara Baldwin