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Get Some In (ITV Sitcom, Tony Selby, Robert Lindsay)



Period sitcom Get Some In takes us back to the 1950’s during the dog days of National Service. The focus is one four young 18 years of wildly differing backgrounds, Jakey Smith (Robert Lindsay) is your archetypal Teddy Boy (who quickly has his quiff consigned to the bin!), Matthew Lilley (Gerard Ryder) is a very niave Vicar’s son, Bruce Leckie (Brian Pettifer) is a Scot and probably the most normal of the group and finally Ken Richardson (David Janson) is a grammar school boy out of his depth. Arriving at RAF Skelton the quartet quickly meet their nemesis in the shape of hated Corporal Percy Marsh (Tony Selby).

Most of the episodes of Get Some In revolve around the boys trying to get one over on Marsh or vice versa, some well known names cropped up in guest star roles including the likes of Paul Eddington, Roy Kinnear, Cheryl Hall (married to Robert Lindsay at the time) and there is a chance to see the superb Talfryn Thomas popping up in another shifty role as fixer Corporal White.

By the third season the gang had moved to RAF Midham and for the final season Karl Howman replaced Robert Lindsay who was about to go on to bigger success as Citizen Smith. The setting changed once more too, this time to a nursing unit at RAF Druidswater. Young Lilly is also a dead ringer for Jarvis Cocker, who has clearly modelled his whole ouvre on this character!

The title of the show was a common call during the National Service days for new boys to get some time served under their belt.

classic quote
“My name is Marsh – B.A.S.T.A.R.D. Marsh”

Cast: TONY SELBY as Corporal Percy Marsh; ROBERT LINDSAY as Jakey Smith (Seasons 1-4); DAVID JANSON as Ken Richardson; BRIAN PETTIFER as Bruce Leckie; GERARD RYDER as Matthew Lilley; LORI WELLS as Alice Marsh; KARL HOWMAN as Jakey Smith (Season 5); JENNY CRYST as Corporal Wendy

Writers: John Esmonde, Bob Larbey / Theme Music: Alan Braden / Producer and Director: Michael Mills

UK / ITV – Thames / 34×30 minuute episodes / Broadcast 16 October 1975 – 18 may 1978 5 Seasons + 1 Special