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Girl in the Café, The (BBC-1 2005, Bill Nighy, Kelly Macdonald)



Romantic comedy drama. Lawrence is a mild-mannered hard-working civil servant working as an aide to the chancellor in the run-up to an important G8 summit meeting. In a rare lunch break he shares a table in a café with a girl and they get talking and on an impulse he invites her to go with him to Reykjavik for the summit. But as his guest she proves to be quietly outspoken and makes things uncomfortable for the powerful men at the summit by asking some awkward questions.

production details
UK | BBC One | 1×90 minutes | Broadcast 25 June 2005

Director: David Yates
Producer: Hilary Bevan Jones
Writer: Richard Curtis

Bill Nighy as Lawrence
Kelly Macdonald as Gina
Meneka Das as Sunita
Anton Lesser as George
Paul Ritter as Robert
Ken Stott as Chancellor
Penny Downie as Ruth
Damon Younger as Hotel Receptionist
Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir as Assistant Receptionist
Marit Velle Kile as Waitress
Philippe De Grossouvre as French Delegate
Louisa Bojesen as CNBC Newscaster
Christian Rubeck as German Senior Advisor
Toshie Ogura as Japanese Delegate
Martin McDougall as American Senior Adviser
Corin Redgrave as Prime Minister
Wolf Kahler as Herr Gerhardt
Madeleine Potter as Secretary of the Treasure
Alysha Westlake as G8 Delegate
Simon Wilson as Journalist
Fran Purcell as Secretary
Max Bollinger as G8 Reporter
Darri Ingolfsson as Icelandic Waiter
Peter Rnic as Russian Finance Minister
Federico Zanni as Italian Waiter