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Girls About Town (ITV 1970-1971, Julie Stevens, Denise Coffey)



Sitcom Girls About Town detailed the exploits of bored housewives Rosemary Pilgrim and Brenda Liversedge.

There was a pilot broadcast 2 Oct 1969, this was substantially different being made by Thames and featured in the cast Anna Quayle as Rosemary Pilgrim, and Barbara Mullaney as Sylvia (Mullaney is better known under her married name of Knox as Rita in Coronation Street).

The two short specials were both part of ITV’s annual All Star Comedy Carnivals broadcast each Christmas Day between 1969 and 1973. The first was broadcast 25 Dec 1970 and the second 25 Dec 1971.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 12×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 20×25 minute episodes and 2 short specials / Broadcast 2 October 1969 (Pilot), 9 March 1970 – 7 December 1971

Writer: Adele Rose / Producer: Shaun O’Riordan

Anna Quayle as Rosemary Pilgrim (pilot)
Julie Stevens as Rosemary Pilgrim (series)
Denise Coffey as Brenda Liversedge (series)
Barbara Mullaney as Sylvia (pilot)
Robin Parkinson as George Pilgrim
Peter Baldwin as Harold Liversedge
Dorothy Reynolds as Mrs Pilgrim