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Gobble (Screen One BBC-1 1996, Kevin Whately, Warren Clarke)



Just as Britain recovers from Mad Cows, the turkeys begin to act up. Mad Turkey Disease hits the headlines in this satirical comedy of political errors. Civil servant Colin Worsfold is appointed to investigate a recent scare concerning contaminated turkey. The Prime Minister is confident that Colin’s routine report will knock the crisis on the head.

But Colin has a vegetarian daughter to impress and proves rather more conscientious than expected. His investigation uncovers crafty Government plans for a meat alternative called Gobble. The only drawback is its tendency to explode.

production details
UK | BBC One – Hatrick / 1×73 minutes / Broadcast 21 December 1996

Writers: Ian Hislop, Nick Newman
Producer: Grainne Marmion
Executive Producers: Mary Bell, David M. Thompson
Director: Jimmy Mulville

Kevin Whately as Colin Worsfold
Keith Barron as Arthur Hedley
Jack Dee as Pathologist
Peter Egan as Peter Villiers
Warren Mitchell as Waterboard Chairman
Pippa Guard as Claire Worsfold
Nicholas Jones as George Cranley
Geoff McGivern [as Geoffrey McGivern] as Geoffrey Lester
Matthew Delamere as Ben Worsfold
Jake Wood as Androcles
Caroline Trowbridge as Maureen
Morgan Jones as Spike
Selina Cadell as Treasury Boss
Jonathan Coy as Hans Gluck
Michael Thomas as Montague
Stephen Frost as Gun Shop Assistant
Cas Harkins as Journalist
Melissa Wilson as Journalist
Tom Hollander as Pipsqueak
Jason O’Mara as Regional Newspaper Journalist
Sara Mair Thomas as Scientist
Mark Spalding as Policeman
Suzy Aitchison as Newsreader
Hugo Chandor as Newsreader
Richard Whitmore as Celebrity Newspaper
Paul Broughton as Security Man
Alan Igbon as Security Man
Michael Fenton Stevens as Gordon The Gobbler
Philip Rowlands as Beardie
Howard Lew Lewis as Fat Bloke