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God Speed Co-operation (BBC Drama, Kathryn Pogson)



God Speed Co-operation was a one off drama documentary about the history of the Women’s Co-operative Guild. Beginning in the second half of the 19th century the production mixes photographes and words from the time with dramatised moments from the life of Bella and her children as well as that of Mrs Layton, who was from a family of fourteen.

The BBC review programme Did You See, hosted by Ludovic Kennedy, took a look at the production the following Friday.

Cast: Kathryn Pogson (Bella), Kathleen Michael (Mrs Layton), Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Burrows), Kathleen Byron (Margaret Llewelyn Davies), Maggie McCarthy (Annie), Poppy Hands (Flo), Jacqueline Morgan (Edie), Eileen Davies (Lizzie), Susan Twist (Betty), Sarah Wynter (Sal), Anne White (Mary Macarthur), Norman Scace (Walter Long), Hugh Morton (Cleric), John Dunbar (Cleric), Louis Haslar (Sir Rufus Issacs), Michelle Akers (Minnie, Aged 8), Teresa McArdle (Minnie’s Friend), Sheri Shepstone (Woman At Door), Eileen Helsby (Nun), Jo Anderson (Minnie’s Aunt), Peter Finn (Ticket Collector), Catherine Clarke (Minnie, Aged 15), Elizabeth Benson (Minnie’s Employer), Susie Fairfax (Servant), Eliza Hunt (Young Mrs Layton), Barry Ewart (Mr Layton), Richard Pescud (First Doctor), Anne Kristen (Mrs Frazer), Maggie Ollerenshaw (Mrs Arkwright), Diana Payan (Chairman), Maggie Ford (Mrs Clark), Sarah Nash (Mrs Evans), Stephen Oxley (Albert), Sheelah Wilcocks (Midwife), John Kidd (Second Doctor), Laura Hill (Bella’s Child), Katie Hill (Bella’s Child), Jessie Hill (Bella’s Child), Keith Marsh (Chemist), Unity Grimwood (Speaker)

Writer: Sheila MacLeod / Producer: Ann Scott / Director: Moira Armstrong

UK / BBC Two / 1×80 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 26 September 1982 at 8.10pm