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Gracepoint (Fox 2014, David Tennant, Anna Gunn)



Crime drama series based on UK original Broadchurch. Detective Emmett Carver arrives in the small northern California seaside town to take up a new post. When a young boy is found murdered on the beach he teams up with Detective Ellie Miller (who believed she was going to get the job given to Carver) to try and solve the case.

Broadchurch was a huge hit for ITV when it aired in the UK, Gracepoint adds extra episodes and opens out the field of suspects. It’s made with heavy involvement from Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall and UK production company Kudos. Like Broadchurch the series is as much about the small town reacts to the murder and the fact that one of their number is a killer as to crime itself – as well as having to cope with the inevitable media frenzy that descends upon the town.

The casting is a real plus point; David Tennant who starred in Broadchurch has the lead here and Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn is his co-detective. There are also telling roles for the legend that is Nick Nolte, Australian actress Jacki Weaver and England’s Sarah Jane Potts.

production details
UK / Fox – Kudos – Shine America – Imaginary Friends / 10×60 minutes / Broadcast from Thursday 2 October 2014 @ 9.00pm

Creator: Chris Chibnall / Executive Producers: Anya Epstein, Dan Futterman, Chris Chibnall, Jane Featherstone, John Goldwyn, Carolyn Bernstein

David Tennant as Detective Emmett Carver
Anna Gunn as Detective Ellie Miller
Michael Peña as Mark Solano
Kevin Zegers as Owen Burke
Nick Nolte as Jack Reinhold
Jacki Weaver as Susan Wright
Kevin Rankin as Paul Coates
Jessica Lucas as Renee Clemons
Jack Irvine as Tom Miller
Virginia Kull as Beth Solano
Sarah-Jane Potts as Gemma Fisher
Josh Hamilton as Joe Miller
Kendrick Sampson as Dean Iverson
Madalyn Horcher as Chloe Solano
Darcy Laurie as Hugo Garcia
Karyn Mott as Angela Schulz