Grand Hustle, The (BET 2018, T.I.)

T.I. is recruiting fresh new talent to join his Grand Hustle Team. 16 entrepreneurs from all walks of life will have the opportunity to compete for a $100K prize.

From the streets to the boardroom, T.I. wrote the book on hustling and now he’s looking for the nation’s next big hustler to see who will come out on top. Set in the streets of Atlanta, these contestants use the city to prove they have what it takes to out-hustle the rest! In the end, T.I. will choose one person to be named King or Queen of the Hustle – landing a six-figure job working at one of T.I.’s companies.

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production details
USA / BET – 51 Minds Entertainment / 50 minutes / 2018

Brian Sher as Executive Producer
Christian Sarabia as Executive Producer
Johnny Petillo as Executive Producer
Tip T.I. Harris as Executive Producer
Vinnie Kaufman as Executive Producer

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