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Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (ITV 2000, Nigel Planer)



Each episode of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids is a humorous animated morality tale in which naughty children get punished in various gruesome ways. For example, there’s Timothy who is snatched and turned into pasta by The Spaghetti Man after being warned by his parents for not eating his food. There’s also the chocoholic little girl Serena who munches a chocolate egg with a fly inside. She then turns into a fly herself and her sister tries to swat her.

Memorable moments: Look out for the especially Grizzly Tale about a boy called Alexander, who keeps asking his parents for water to put off going to bed. One night Mr Peeler visits the naughty boy with his butterfly collection. But what Alexander doesn’t realise is that the butterflies are actually… children’s eyelids! Find out what happens to Alexander’s eyelids when he continues refusing to go to sleep.

Trivia: Narrator Nigel Planer is best known for playing lank-haired hippy Neil in the alternative 1980s comedy The Young Ones.
Creator Jamie Rix is the son of actor and MENCAP president (Lord) Brian Rix and Blackadder actress Elspet (correct spelling) Gray, and prior to writing children’s books, worked in TV comedy. This includes working as a write and director on shows such as Alas Smith and Jones.

Nigel Planer as Narrator

crew details
Writer: Jamie Rix
Music: Ed Welch
Producers: Clive Hedges, Simon and Sara Bor
Directors: Jamie Rix, Simon and Simon Bor
Executive Producer: Michael Forte

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: ITV – Carlton – Honeycomb – Elephant
Duration: x10 minute episodes
Aired From: 2000