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Gypsy Warriors, The (CBS 1978, Tom Selleck, James Whitmore Jr)



Gypsy Warriors Tom Selleck

In one off pilot Gypsy Warriors we head to Europe at the height of the second world war. The action followed Shelly Alhern and Ted Brinkerhoff, a pair of US Army captains who were working behind enemy lines. Posing as gypsies the pair were involved in a plot to steal a deadly toxin that if used could wipeout millions.

Another in the long list of pilots starring Tom Selleck that never made it to series.

production details
USA / CBS / 1×75 minute episode / Broadcast 1 May 1878

James Whitmore, Jr. as Shelly Alhern
Tom Selleck as Ted Brinkerhoff
Joseph Ruskin as Ganault
Lina Raymond as Lela
Michael Lane as Androck
Albert Paulsen as Bruno Schlagel
Kenneth Tigar as Schulman
Kathryn Leigh Scott as Lady Britt Austin-Forbes
Hubert Noel as Henry Deseau
William Wheatley as Ramon Pierre