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Hammer and Sickle (ITV Drama, Paul Scofield, Olaf Pooley)



Hammer and Sickle ITV Drama

Hammer and Sickle was a drama documentary looking at the key events of Russian history since the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Narrated by Paul Scofield and mixing in dramatised moments with, at the time, never before seen archive footage.

All the key points were touched upon, Lenin’s power grab, the struggles that followed, Trotsky and the Red Army and Stalin taking over. With coverage also of the 1956 Hungarian uprising, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis and the Czech invasion of 1968. The story was taken right up to then broadcast date of 1977.

Well known actors played some of the key leaders with Brian Glover as Kruschev and Olaf Pooley as Lenin.

The two hour running time was split by the News at Ten.

Cast: Paul Scofield as Narrator; Olaf Pooley as V. I. Lenin; Glyn Grain as L. D. Trotsky; David Burke as J. V. Stalin; Brian Glover as N. S. Kruschchev; Paul Hardwick as L. I. Brezhnev

Writer: Neal Ascherson / Graphic Design: Bernard Allum / Editor: Dan Carter / Associate Producers: Mike Maddison and Vivien Pottersman / Producer and Director: Martin Smith.

UK / ITV – Thames Television / 1×100 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 2 November 1977 at 9.00pm