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Handler, The (CBS 2003-2004, Joe Pantoliano)Handler, The (CBS 2003-2004, Joe Pantoliano)


Handler, The (CBS 2003-2004, Joe Pantoliano)



The Handler stars Joe Pantoliano (“The Sopranos”) as Joe Renato, an FBI agent who trains and handles agents who go undercover to solve crimes at all levels of Los Angeles’ diverse society.

From underground prostitution rings and drug traffickers to the worlds of high-tech and high finance, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Joe’s well-schooled operatives infiltrate and tackle them all. Joe is the ultimate “puppet-master” who also interfaces with government and local law enforcement agencies that come to him for help with both long-term and quick sting operations. He knows from personal experience that going undercover is an all-or-nothing job.

Any lapse in “character” can mean the difference between life and death for his operatives and Joe goes to great lengths to make sure his people are properly prepared, mentally and physically.

He tirelessly directs a revolving cast of characters, including Lily (Anna Belknap, “Deadline”), a wide-eyed rookie undercover agent; Darnell (Hill Harper, “City of Angels”), the seasoned veteran; Heather (Lola Glaudini, “The Sopranos”), an enthusiastic transfer, and Marcy (Tanya Wright), Joe’s trustworthy assistant and sole confidante. They all walk a fine line between fighting crimes and committing them, all the while looking out for each other.

Joe Pantoliano as Joe Renato
Anna Belknap as Lily
Hill Harper as Darnell
Lola Glaudini as Heather
Tanya Wright as Marcy

key behind the scenes crew
Chris Haddock as Executive Producer

show type
Crime and Mystery

broadcast from
September 26, 2003 – January 30, 2004
1 season of 16 episodes (2 of which remain unaired following the cancellation of the show).

network and production companies
CBS – Viacom Productions, Inc.


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