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Harry (BBC Drama, Michael Elphick, Julie Graham)



Harry BBC Michael Elphick

In drama series Harry photographer Harry Salter (Michael Elphick) runs his own small agency selling pictures to the newspapers. Alice (Julie Graham) was his girl Friday and other photographers working for him were Snappy (Ian Bartholomew) and the go-getting Jonathan (a young Tom Hollander).

Season two saw a few changes with Alphonsis Emmanual as Cheryl and Ozzie Yue as Tommy coming in as new employees of Harrys.

The series was created by Franc Roddom and key writers included former actor Mick Ford (who wrote most of the first season), Chris Ould, Peter Bowker and Andrew Holden.

Guest stars were quite high profile too and included Steve Coogan and John Thomson (as a pair of inept cops), Denise Welch, James Aubrey, Trevor Peacock, Ray Lonnen, Michael Attwell, Barbara Durkin, Mark Kingston, Oliver Cotton, Tim Healy, Cathy Tyson and Rupert Graves.

Cast: Michael Elphick as Harry Salter; Barbara Marten as Rita Salter; Ian Bartholomew as Snappy; Julie Graham as Alice; Tom Hollander as Jonathan; Alphonsia Emmanuel as Cheryl; Ozzie Yue as Tommy

Creator: Franc Roddom / Theme Music: Garry Christian / Producers: Martin McKeand (Season 1), Joy Spink (Season 2)

UK / BBC One – Union / 20×50 minute episodes / 18 September 1993 – 12 April 1995