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Hawkins Falls (NBC 1950-1955, Frank Dane, Bernadine Flynn)Hawkins Falls (NBC 1950-1955, Frank Dane, Bernadine Flynn)


Hawkins Falls (NBC 1950-1955, Frank Dane, Bernadine Flynn)



Daytime soap opera Hawkins Falls was broadcast live from Chicago. The show had actually begun as a comedy drama on primetime before moving to daytime on 2 April 1951 and bringing in soapier elements.

The plot concerned the lives of the residents of the town of the title (population 6,200) and main characters were Knap Drewer (a bedridden old man), his wife Lona and young runaway Roy Bettert who the pair adopted. The original night time run had a local reporter from the town relaying stories of town life (which we then saw acted out). In the night time version Frank Dane played the role of reporter Clate Weathers.

When Knap was written out in 1953 his wife ended up marrying town doctor Floyd Corey. Other main players were Toby Winfield, reporter Mitch Fredericks, Sheriff Boylan, shopkeeper Calvin Sperry and town bum Laif Flaigle.

The show, which had some location filming done in Woodstock, Illinois and was announced by Hugh Downs, was popular instantly but suddenly lost favour in 1955 and was then cancelled. The theme tune was based on Skip to My Lou my Darling.

production details
USA / NBC / x15 minute episodes / Broadcast Saturday 17 June 1950 – Friday 7 July 1955

FRANK DANE as Knap Drewer (1951-53)
BERNADINE FLYNN as Lona Drewer Corey
HOPE SUMMERS as Mrs Belinda Casherwood (1951-52)
MICHAEL GOLDA as Dr Floyd Corey (-53)
MAURICE COPELAND as Dr Floyd Carey (1953-55)
BRUCE DANE as Roy Better Corey
WIN STRACKE as Laif Flagle
ROS TWOHEY as Millie Flagle (1953-54)
JIM BANNON as Mitch Fredericks
ART VAN HARVEY as Calvin Sperry
DOUG CHANDLER as Sheriff Boylan
TOM POSTON as Toby Winfield


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