Hazel (NBC 1961-1966, Shirley Booth, Don De Fore)

Hazel was based on a cartoon character (created by Ted Kay) that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. The simple plotline of this sitcom saw George Baxter be super efficient at the office but totally at the mercy of his house keeper Hazel when at home. Hazel ran the house with total precision.

George also had a wife Dorothy and a son Harold. The show began on NBC but then in 1965 switched to CBS and with that move came some major changes. George and Dorothy departed (supposedly to work in the Middle East) and Hazel (along with Harold) moved into George’s brother Steve’s home where things carried on much the same as before with Hazel ruling the roost over Steve, his wife Barbara and daughter Susie.

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production details
USA / NBC (later CBS) – Screen Gems / 154×30 minute episodes / Broadcast Thursday 28 September 1961 – Monday 5 September 1966

SHIRLEY BOOTH as Hazel Burke
DON DE FORE as George Baxter (1961-65)
WHITNEY BLAKE as Dorothy Baxter (1961-65)
BOBBY BUNTROCK as Harold Baxter
RAY FULMER as Steve Baxter (1965-66)
LYNN BORDEN as Barbara Baxter (1965-66)
JULIA BENJAMIN as Susie Baxter (1965-66)
HOWARD SMITH as Harvey Griffin
NORMA VARDEN as Harriet Johnson (1961-65)
DONALD FOSTER as Herbert Johnson (1961-65)
ANN JILLIAN as Millie Ballard (1965-66)

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