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Hec Ramsey (NBC 1972-1974, Richard Boone, Harry Morgan)



Western crime drama series that told stories of Deputy Hec Ramsey (a former gunfighter), working in the town of New Prospect, Oklahoma in 1901.

Hec was something of a forward thinker and tried to use the latest forensic techniques to crack crimes. Hec worked under the very young Sheriff Oliver B. Stamp.

The series was shown as part of the NBC Mystery Movie rotating segment series.

production details
USA / NBC – Universal – Mark VII Ltd / 10×90 or 120 minute episodes / 8 October 1972 – 25 August 1974 – Sundays 8.30pm

Creator/Executive Producer: Jack Webb / Music: Fred Steiner, Lee Holdridge

Richard Boone as Hec Ramsey
Rick Lenz as Oliver Stamp
Harry Morgan as Amos Coogan
Sharon Acker as Norma Muldoon
Brian Dewey as Andy Muldoon