He’s Watching (Lifetime 2 Sep 2018, Linsey Godfrey, Tilky Jones)

In Lifetime thriller He’s Watching You Angela has it all – she’s on the partnership track at her prestigious wealth management firm and she is engaged to the perfect man. But things take a turn when her college boyfriend, Kyle, suddenly reappears in her life. Kyle had proposed to Angela after graduation and she turned him down – she wasn’t ready to commit to one person and wanted to focus on her career.

Now Kyle is a famous photographer and is very wealthy from a recent inheritance. He hires Angela to manage his money, and what begins as a strict business relationship soon turns into a heated affair. But as Angela begins to spend more and more time with Kyle, she realizes that this trip down memory lane may be a disastrous mistake. When her life suddenly takes a downward spiral with her fiancé, friends and work, Angela is forced to confront the fact that Kyle may no longer be the sweet, gentle man of her past.

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production details
USA | Lifetime | Airdate: 2 September 2018 at 8.00pm on Lifetime

Linsey Godfrey
Tilky Jones

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