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Heydays Hotel



Granada Logo 1970's

In period drama Heydays Hotel, written by television critic Philip Purser, a group of holiday makers spend time at the hotel of the title in the endless summer before the outbreak of world war two, all doing their best to skirt around the issue that their lives are all about to change for ever.

There’s a strange atmosphere about the hotel and things may not be all that they seem to be.

Heydays Hotel was one of a trio of plays billed under the collective banner of “Three Plays for ITV” although not billed as such in promotional listings, the other two were called “Our Young Mr Wignall” and “The Launderette”.

There are quite a few well known faces popping up too including Nigel Havers, Anne Reid, Susan Wooldridge, Lesley Dunlop and Linda Hayden.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 10 November 1976 at 9.10pm

Writer: Philip Purser / Production Design: Tim Farmer / Producer: Julian Aymes / Director: Derek Lister

David Dixon as Ivor
Paul Seed as Barney
Nigel Havers as Dez
Pauline Jefferson as Miss Blain
Marjorie Sudell as Mrs Wills
Willoughby Gray as Mr McCabe
Peter Ellis as George
John Bott as Bright
Marlene Sidaway as Mrs Bright
Susan Wooldridge as Linda
Tenniel Evans as Dan Roberts
Anne Reid as Merel Roberts
Lesley Dunlop as Julie Roberts
Linda Hayden as Irmgarde
Alick Hayes as Stationmaster
Joyce Grundy as Motherly Woman