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Hi-de-Hi! (BBC-1 1981-1988, Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc)



Period sitcom Hi-De-Hi! told stories of the staff at Maplin’s holiday camp in the late fifties and early sixties, especially comedians Ted and Spike, hungry for love Gladys Pugh, chalet maid and would be yellow coat Peggy and the put upon entertainments officer Jeffrey Fairbrother (later replaced by Clive Dempster).

Jeffrey had given up his job teaching at university to take on the role but very quickly realised he was out of his depth. He spent most of his time trying to avoid the attention of Gladys Pugh.

Other regulars included childrens’ entertainer Mr Partridge, ex-jockey Fred Quilly and dancing instructors Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves.

The show was another slice of vintage comedy from Jimmy Perry and David Croft of Dad’s Army fame and was very popular throughout it’s run. Perry himself had been a Butlin’s redcoat. The title refers to the hearty radio call out that was given each morning, the campers were supposed to respond with an equally hearty Ho-De-Ho but they seldom managed more than a weary attempt.

There was a 40 minute pilot broadcast in 1 January 1980 and early episodes were title Hi De Hi without the hyphens.

There was a Hi-De-Hi The Holiday Musical stage show that ran for summer seasons in Bournemouth in 1983 and Blackpool in 1984.


Paul Shane and Jeffrey Holland as comedians Ted and Spike.

production details
UK / BBC One / 53×30 minute episodes 1×40 minute episodes 3×45 minute episodes 1×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 26 December 1981 – 30 January 1988

Writers: Jimmy Perry, David Croft / Theme sung by Paul Shane / Producers: David Croft, John Kilby, Mike Stephens

Simon Cadell as Jeffrey Fairbrother (series 1-4)
David Griffin as Sqdn-Ldr Clive Dempster DFC (series 5-8)
Paul Shane as Ted Bovis
Ruth Madoc as Gladys Pugh
Jeffrey Holland as Spike Dixon
Su Pollard as Peggy
Felix Bowness as Fred Quilly
Diane Holland as Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves
Barry Howard as Barry Stuart-Hargreaves (series 1-6)
Ben Aris as Julian Dalrymple-Sykes (series 6 onwards)
Leslie Dwyer as Mr Partridge (series 1-5)
Nikki Kelly as Sylvia
Rikki Howard as Betty
Chris Andrews as Yellowcoat Boys
The Webb Twins as Yellowcoat Boys
Penny Irving as Mary (series 1)
Linda Regan as April (series 5-8)
Laura Jackson as Dawn (series 5-8)
Julie-Christian Young as Babs (series 5-8)
Susan Beagley as Tracey (series 3 & 4)
Johnny Allan as Charlie Dawson (series 4)
Kenneth Connor as Sammy (series 7 & 8)
Ewan Hooper as Alec Foster (series 7)