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Hippies (BBC-2 1999, Simon Pegg, Julian Rhind-Tutt)



Hippies BBC

Period sitcom. In 1969, at the fag end of the swinging sixties, a bunch of hippies run their own underground magazine called Mouth. Ray Purbbs is the idealist founder and editor. His ‘staff’ comprises Alex Picton-Dinch, Hugo Yemp and Jill Sprint.

The quartet fail to have their finger on the pulse of the happenings going on all around and the same could be said for the series as a whole. Despite the excellent cast and scripts from Father Ted’s Arthur Matthews Hippies just failed to hit the mark.

production details
UK / BBC Two – Talkback / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 12 November – 17 December 1999 Fridays at 9.30pm

Creators: Graham Linehan, Arthur Matthews / Writer: Arthur Matthews / Music: Simon Brint / Costume: Caroline Pitcher / Design: Dennis De Groot / Executive Producer: Peter Fincham / Producer: Geoffrey Perkins

Simon Pegg as Ray Purbbs
Julian Rhind-Tutt as Alex Picton-Dinch
Sally Phillips as Jill Sprint
Darren Boyd as Hugo Yemp