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HMS Paradise (ITV 1964-1965, Richard Caldicot, Frank Thornton)



In sitcom HMS Paradise a group of sailors are posted to the island of Boonsey off the coast of Dorset. In best Will Hay meets Phil Silvers fashion the gang spend as much time trying to get out of doing stuff and avoiding the wrath of Captain Turvey aka Old Thunderguts.

Series creator Lawrie Wyman was also behind the very similar radio series The Navy Lark.

Guest stars included Clive Dunn, Wendy Richard, Barbara Hicks, John Bluthal, Donald Hewlett, Patrick Troughton, Cardew Robinson and Stanley Unwin. There was a bit of nepotism going on in the case of Clive Dunn, he was married to star Priscilla Morgan.

production details
UK / ITV – Associated-Rediffusion / 26×30 minute episodes 1×55 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 July 1964 – 17 January 1965 Thursday 7.00pm

Creator: Lawrie Wyman / Producer: Sid Colin

Richard Caldicot as Captain Turvey
Frank Thornton as Commander Fairweather
Robin Hunter as Lieutenant Pouter
Ronald Radd as CPO Banyard
Angus Lennie as Able Seaman Murdoch
Priscilla Morgan as Amanda
Graham Crowden as Commander Shaw