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Hogan’s Heroes (CBS 1965-1971, Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer)



Often slapstick and knockabout sitcom Hogan’s Heroes detailed life in a German Prisoner of War Camp during the second world war, housed in Stalag 13 the American prisoners, led by Colonel Robert Hogan, had taken over. The German’s may have thought they were in charge but that was just wishful thinking.

Camp Commandant was the inept Colonel Klink. Amazingly the camp was fitted out with what seemed like All Mod Cons, it had a steam room, a barbers and a fancy French chef.

The prisoners were helpful to the allies and were able to pass on plenty of top secret info to them (they had even rigged up part of the surrounding fence that kept them in to open electronically) and they also did plenty to get on the nerves of the Germans.

A serious part of World War II played here strictly for laughs, Hogan’s Heroes was popular while it lasted. Star Bob Crane had a film, Auto-Focus, made about his strange off-screen life which saw him as the star of hundreds of his own adult movies.

production details
USA / CBS / x30 minute episodes / Broadcast Friday 17 September 1965 – Sunday 4 July 1971

BOB CRANE as Colonel Robert Hogan
WERNER KLEMPERER as Colonel Wilhelm Klink
JOHN BANNER as Sgt Hans Schultz
ROBERT CLARY as Corporal Louis LeBeau
RICHARD DAWSON as Corporal Peter Newkirk
IVAN DIXON as Sgt James Kinckloe (1965-70)
KENNETH WASHINGTON as Sgt Richard Baker (1970-71)
LARRY HOVIS as Sgt Andrew Carter
CYNTHIA LYNN as Helga (1965-66)
SIGRID VALDIS as Hilda (1966-70)