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Holding The Baby (ITV 1997-1998, Nick Hancock, Joe Duttine)



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In sitcom Holding The Baby Father Gordon Muir copes with bringing up his young son alone and holding down a responsible job. As the series begins Gordon has spent the last being a single dad having caught his wife with another, much younger, man. Now though Gordon’s slobbish brother Rob has moved in to “help” around the house.

Hugh Bonneville replaced Nick Hancock for the second series. Gordon also got himself a love interest in the shape of Claire. The series was pulled midway through it’s second run of episodes with four episodes still to air. Three months later two of the episodes were show but two went unscreened.

A US version, also called Holding The Baby, briefly aired from August-December 1998.

production details
UK / ITV – Carlton / 14×25 minute episodes / 24 January 1997 – 13 August 1998

Creators: Mark Wadlow, Mary Glasson / Executive Producer: Andy Harries / Producers: Justin Judd (season one), Rob Bullock (season two)

Nick Hancock as Gordon Muir (series 1)
Hugh Bonneville as Gordon Muir (series 2)
Joe Duttine as Rob Muir
Sally Phillips as Laura
Joshua Atherton as Daniel Muir (series 1)
Jacob Atherton as Daniel Muir (series 1)
Adam Sandford as Joshua and Jacob (series 2)
Lou Gish as Claire (series 2)