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Holding The Fort (ITV 1980-1982, Peter Davison, Patricia Hodge)



Sitcom Holding The Fort saw Russell Milburn staying at home bringing up baby and running his own small brewery business in the basement whilst his wife Penny works for the army.

The character of Fitz (general help and hindrance in equal measure to Russell) later garnered his own spin off called Relative Strangers which saw Fitz’s teenage son turn up announced.

Holding The Fort was the first sitcom to make it to air for classic writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

Cast: Peter Davison as Russell Milburn; Patricia Hodge as Penny Milburn; Matthew Kelly as Fitz; Christopher Godwin as Capt Hector Quilley; Katie Louise Reynolds as Emma Milburn; Victoria Kendall as Emma Milburn; Maev Alexander as Jennifer Quilley; Christopher Benjamin as Col Aubrey Sanderson; Brigit Forsyth as Annabel Chesterton; Keith Barron as Terence Chesterton; Arwen Holm as Dr Heather Wolstenholme

Writers: Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran / Music: Denis King / Producer: Derrick Goodwin

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 20×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 September 1980 – 29 August 1982 Three seasons