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Australian TV

Homicide (Channel 7 1964-1975 with Terry McDermott and Leonard Teale)



Australia / Channel 7 – Crawford / 510×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1964-1975

Creator: Hector Crawford

Crime drama series. A very influential series in Australian TV history and one of the most popular. The show helped to pave the way for popular TV production in Australia. The series basically detailed the cases of a group of Homicide cops. Victoria’s old police headquarters based in Russell Street was often used for exteriors. The show won 11 Logies, 5 Penguins, 2 Awgies and 4 Sammy’s.

Homicide was based on their successful radio serial D24 [known as C.I.B. outside Melbourne] and it took a year to get the show on air following a pilot episode. The first episode, ‘The Stunt’, went to air on HSV 7 at 7:30 on Tuesday, October 20, 1964, with Ian Turpie playing the first victim.

Most episodes were based on actual police files and the series also made much use of actually shooting on location as opposed to the then usual practice of shooting in the studio. The last three years of production saw the show shot completely on film and in colour.

JOHN FEGAN as Inspector Jack Connolly
TERRY McDERMOTT as Det Sgt Frank Bronson
LEONARD TEALE as Inspector David Mackay
LESLIE DAYMAN as Det Bill Hudson
LIONEL LONG as Det Bert Costello
GEORGE MALLABY as Det Sgt Peter Barnes
NORMAN YEMM as Det Jim Patterson
ALWYN KURTS as Inspector Colin Fox
MIKE PRESTON as Det Bob Delaney
CHARLES TINGWELL as Inspector Reg Lawson
DERAMI SCARR as WPC Helen Hopgood
URSULA FINLAY as Pat Bronson