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If You Go Down To The Woods Today (ITV 1981, Eric Sykes, Robin Bailey)



If You Go Down To The Woods

Comedy If You Go Down To The Woods Today followed a boy scout troupe on manoeuvres in Tangle Woods who find themselves under the surveillance of MI5 as well as various military branches and crooks.

A typical slice of Eric Sykes star-studded comedy, he had actually made a version before in 1973 called You Had Better Go In Disguise. This was a feature film version that never actually got released. The cast for that included Hattie Jacques, Arthur Lowe, Simon Oates, Stratford Johns, William Mervyn, Bob Todd, Bill Maynard and Richard Wattis.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 29 April 1981 at 8.30pm

Writer and Director: Eric Sykes / Executive Producer: Philip Jones / Producer: David Clark

Eric Sykes as Mr Pangbourne
Robin Bailey as Chief Constable
Norman Bird as Doctor
Glyn Houston as Ticket collector
Roy Kinnear as Fishfingers Murdoch
Fulton Mackay as Colonel Norriss
Lee Montague as Guvnor
Tony Selby as Boozy Barker
George Sewell as Knocker Pike
Crispin Dexter as Edison



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