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Invasion: Earth (BBC Scifi, Vincent Regan)



In scifi drama Invasion: Earth Flight Lt Chris Drake (Vincent Regan) sets off a major chain reaction when he shoots down a UFO over the Scottish Highlands. With an alien life form aboard confirming the existence of life on other planets the whole world is interested – in particular the RAF and NATO. The bigger picture though is an ongoing war between two alien races – The Echoes and the nDs.

Pushed to the outside of the drama that is unfolding Chris joins forces with scientist Amanda Tucker (Maggie O’Neill) who works for SETI (real life organisation the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) and the slight sinister Lt Charles Todd (Fred Ward). The aim – to stop an all out alien take over happening to Earth.

An early outing for brilliant writer Jed Mercurio, better known these days for his crime drama Line Of Duty. Lavish of budget and with plenty of special effects Invasion: Earth was perhaps a little too complex for it’s own good.

The series was a co-production between the BBC and the SCIFI Channel in the US.

Cast: Vincent Regan as Flight Lieutenant Chris Drake; Maggie O’Neill as Doctor Amanda Tucker; Fred Ward as Major General David Reece; Phyllis Logan as Squadron Leader Helen Knox; Anton Lesser as Lieutenant Charles Terrell; Chris Fairbank as Wing Commander Friday; Jo Dow as Flight Lieutenant Jim Radcliffe; Paul J. Medford as Nick Shaw

Writer: Jed Mercurio / Executive Producer: Andrea Calderwood / Producers: Jed Mercurio, Chrissy Skins

UK / BBC One – BBC Scotland – Sci-Fi Channel / 6×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 8 May – 12 June 1998