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Irish RM, The (Channel 4 1983-1985, Peter Bowles, Bryan Murray)



Effortlessly charming series The Irish RM was set on the rural west coast of Southern Ireland at the end of the 19th century. The series follows Major Sinclair Yeates, (a perfect role for Peter Bowles who at the time was one of the most popular actors on TV) an Englishman sent by his superiors to be resident magistrate for the area.

Of course his ideas of a nice peaceful rural idyll are quickly dispelled – thanks in no small part to the shenanigans of his wily new lanlord Flurry Knox (Bryan Murray).

Splendidly evoking the era and full of gentle and good natured humour the Irish RM is a real delight of a show, especially given its quite contentious central theme – that of British rule in Ireland (the show was made at a time when IRA activities in England were huge). The sparking off each other between Bowles and Murray also adds hugely to the series charm.

production details
UK / Channel 4 – Little Bird – RTE / 26×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 January 1983 – 7 July 1985

Creators: Somerville & Ross / Music: Nick Bicat / Executive Producer: James Mitchell

Peter Bowles as Major Yeates
Bryan Murray as Flurry Knox
Niall Toibin as Slipper
Doran Godwin as Phillipa Butler
Lise-Ann McLaughlin as Sally Knox
Anna Manahan as Mrs Cadogan
Brendan Conroy as Peter Cadogan
Faith Brook as Lady Knox