It’s Christmas, Eve (Hallmark 10 Nov 2018, LeAnn Rimes, Tyler Hynes)

In It’s Christmas, Eve, Rimes plays Eve Morgan, an interim school superintendent whose job it is to travel from city to city turning broken schools around. One day, Morgan is surprised to find she’s been assigned to a high school in her hometown.

In a meet cute moment, Eve meets Liam Bailey (Tyler Hynes), single dad of Abby Bailey (Eden Summer Gilmore), and head of a music department that is in the red and under the gun to miraculously turn around or be shut down. Music is close to Eve’s heart; her late father was a jazz musician who taught her how to play music and sing.

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So raw is her dad’s passing that Eve hasn’t performed in a very long time. Now, the interim school superintendent predisposed to saying no may be persuaded to say yes to save the dreams of many while learning to live her own.

production details
USA – Hallmark – Eve Road Productions – Front Street Pictures – Stephanie Germain Productions | 1×120 minutes | Broadcast Saturday 10 November 2018 at 8.00pm

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Allen Lewis as Executive Producer
Harvey Kahn as Producer
LeAnn Rimes as Executive Producer
Mark Amato as Original Author
Michael Shepard as Executive Producer
Stephanie Germain as Executive Producer
Tibor Takacs as Director
Tracy Andreen as Writer

LeAnn Rimes as Eve Morgan
Gwynyth Walsh as Nella Morgan Bell
Christian Convery as Wyatt James
Giles Panton as Brad James
Tyler Hynes as Liam Bailey
Eden Summer Gilmore as bby Bailey
Lara Gilchrist as Darcy James
Ellie Harvie as Mayor Snodgrass
Alison Araya as Penelope
Dolores Drake as Joan

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