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His And Hers (ITV 1970-1972, Ronald Lewis, Sue Lloyd)



Role reversal sitcom His and Hers saw freelance journalist Rupert Sherwin staying at home while his wife, Kay, goes to work as an accountant in the city.

Rupert is more than happy with the arrangement and Kay is happy to have a career. Their neighbours, The Burgesses, could not quite come to grips with the arrangement though.

Season two saw some changes, not least in the departure of Sue Lloyd as Kay and the arrival of Barbara Murray. The Burgesses also departed but Tim Brooke-Taylor, who played Toby Burgess, did turn in one episode as a completely different character. It’s surprising how often this happened in the sixties and seventies. The whole role reversal side of things was quietly shoved aside too to focus more on domestic shenanigans.

There was a short special broadcast on 25 December as part of Mike And Bernie Winters’ All-Star Christmas Comedy Carnival. An annual event of the early seventies that brought together all of ITV’s favourite sitcoms, each getting a little ten minute episode. T

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 19×30 minute episodes plus one short special / Broadcast 23 June 1970 – 30 June 1972

Writers: Ken O’Hare, Mike Sharland / Executive Producer: John Duncan / Producer: Graham Evans

Ronald Lewis as Rupert Sherwin
Sue Lloyd as Kay Sherwin (series 1)
Barbara Murray as Kay Sherwin (special & series 2)
Tim Brooke-Taylor as Toby Burgess (series 1)
Madeline Smith as Janet Burgess (series 1)
Janie Booth as Dorothy