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Jeremy Bernard Is Unwell (BBC Drama, Peter O’Toole)



Jeremy Bernard Is Unwell BBC Drama, Peter O'Toole

In one off comedy drama Jeremy Bernard Is Unwell, Jeffrey Bernard (Peter O’Toole), locked in a Soho pub, looks back over his life.

Recorded over three nights at London’s Old Vic Theatre. This was an abridged version of a long running play. Jeffrey Bernard was a well liked, but definitely an old soak, newspaper columnist. The title coming from whenever Jeffrey missed one of his columns through his love of the old hard stuff.

Cast: PETER O’TOOLE as Jeffrey Bernard; Royce Mills; Timothy Ackroyd; Sarah Berger; Annabel Leventon

Writer: Keith Waterhouse / Producer and Director: Tom Kinninmont, Peter O’Toole / Theatre Production: Ned Sherrin

UK / BBC Two – Independant Image – Veer Line Ltd / 1×90 minutes / Thursday 23 December 1999 at 10.20pm