John Larroquette Show, The (NBC 1993-1996)

A dark edged sitcom starring John Larroquette as former alcoholic John Hemingway. Having lost his job, his wife and family, the bright John found himself working as a night manager at a run down, none too salubrious bus station called The Crossroads (in St Louis).

The regulars included snack bar operator Dexter, slobbish janitor Gene, John’s assistant Mahalia and two cops Hannah and Eggers. Also around was a typical prostitute with a heart of gold character called Carly.

The show was seen by the network execs as being too down at heel and so on in 1995 major changes occurred with the staff of the station all moving from the night shift to the day shift.

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By this stage John was in an off and on again relationship with Nurse Catherine Merrick, still in one bizarre plot twist he decided to marry Carly the (now former) prostitute before learning (during the wedding ceremony) that Catherine was carrying his child.

The show was cancelled with several storylines still up in the air.

production details
USA / NBC/ x30m-e / Broadcast 2 September 1993 – Wednesday 30 October 1996

Theme Music: David Cassidy

JOHN LARROQUETTE as John Hemingway
LIZ TORRES as Mahalia Sanchez
GIGI RICE as Carly Watkins
LENNY CLARKE as Officer Hampton
CHI McBRIDE as Heavy Gene
JOHN F. O’DONAHUE as Max Fumas (1993-1996)
BILL MOREY as Oscar the bum (1994-1996)
ALISON LAPLACA as Catherine Merrick (1994-1996)

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