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Judge John Deed (BBC-1 2001-2007, Martin Shaw, Jenny Seagrove)



Despite the red robe and wig, Mr Justice Deed (Martin Shaw) is no average High Court Judge. Good-looking, fit and fifty something and never afraid to question the establishment, his passion for justice, sharp intellect and maverick approach constantly set him at odds with the Lord Chancellors department. Armed with sharp intellect, rakish charm and passionate belief in justice, he has made it to the top on his own terms. Fearless and independent he is sworn to serve State Sovereign and not allow himself to be influenced by government lackeys, even if it means making powerful enemies.

A pilot edition ran first followed by a three part series in 2001.

production details
UK | BBC One | 28×90 minutes | Broadcast 9 January 2001 – 18 January 2007

Writer and Producer: G.F. Newman

Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed
Jenny Seagrove as Jo Mills
Louisa Clein as Charlie Deed
Donald Sinden as Sir Joseph Channing
Simon Chandler
Barbara Thorn
Michael Eaves



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