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Julia (NBC 1968-1971, Diahann Carroll, Lloyd Nolan)



Diahann Carroll who played widowed nurse Julia Baker was probably the first black woman to play a modern, intelligent, independant, black woman in a leading role in a sitcom.

Julia’s husband had been killed in Vietnam and she was living in Los Angeles working in the medical department of Astrospace Industries, alongside her colleagues nurse Hannah Yarby and Dr Morton Chegley.

Julia was also bringing up her young son Corey and the majority of the episodes moved between work and home. Julia had a couple of love interests during the shows run with initially Paul Cameron and then later Steve Bruce.

Even though the show was scheduled against the popular Red Skelton Show it still proved to be a hit with the viewers. The show is an important one in that it presented black characters who were not defined by the fact of their race.

production details
USA / NBC / 86×30 minute episodes / Broadcast Tuesday 17 September 1968 – Tuesday 25 May 1971

Creator: Hal Kantner / Producers: Hal Kantner, Harold Stone

LLOYD NOLAN as Dr Morton Chegley
BETTY BEAIRD as Marie Waggerdorn
MARC COPAGE as Corey Baker
MICHAEL LINK as Earl J. Waggerdorn
MARY WICKES as Melba Chegley
NED GLASS as Sol Cooper
ALLISON MILLS as Carol Deering (1968-69)
LURENE TUTTLE as Hannah Yarby (1968-70)
EDDIE QUILLAN as Eddie Edson
PAUL WINFIELD as Paul Cameron (1968-70)
HANK BRANDT as Len Waggerdorn
FRED WILLIAMSON as Steve Bruce (1970-71)
JANEAR HINES as Roberta (1970-71)
RICHARD STEELE as Richard (1970-71)
STEPHANIE JAMES as Kim Bruce (1970-71)



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