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Kane and Abel (CBS 1985, Sam Neill, Peter Strauss)



Based on Jeffrey Archer’s best selling novel Kane and Abel is a typical slice of 1980’s melodrama. Starring Peter Strauss and Sam Neill the four part series tells the stories of two hugely ambitious men, William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, both born on the same day, one to privelige and riches, the other to humble Polish immigrants. Spanning sixty years and three generations, Kane and Abel is quite epic of scale and quite entertaining.

production details
USA | CBS | 3×90 minutes | Broadcast 17-19 November 1985

Script: Robert W. Lenski
Novel: Jeffrey Archer,

Sam Neill as William Lowell Kane
Peter Strauss as Abel Rosnovski
David Dukes as David Osborne
Fred Gwynne as Davis LeRoy
Ron Silver as Thaddeus Cohen
Melissa Joan Hart as Florentyna Rosnovski
Thomas Byrd as Richard Kane
Alberta Watson as Zofia Rosnovski
Reed Birney as Matthew Lester
Vyto Ruginis as George Nowak
Jill Eikenberry as Susan Lester
Richard Anderson as Alan Lloyd
Kate McNeil as Florentyna Rosnovski
Veronica Hamel as Kate Kane
Lisa Banes as Anne Kane
Christopher Cazenove as The Baron
Sheree J. Wilson as Melanie LeRoy
Kent Broadhurst as Tony Simmons
Debra Engle as Millie Preston
Harry Groener as Lowell Kane
Jan RubeŇ° as The Polish Consul
Richard Seff as Curtis Fenton
Robert Schenkkan as Jack Thomas
Patrick Bauchau as Ludwik
James Rebhorn as Federal Prosecutor
Michael J. Reynolds as John Preston