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Keep It In The Family (ITV Sitcom, Tim Barratt, Vivienne Martin)



In ITV sitcom Keep It In The Family James Bannister (Tim Barrett) and his wife Yvonne (Vivienne Martin) have allowed their parents – his mum Norah (Joyce Grant) and her father Des (Jack Haig) – to move in with them. Initially it was only supposed to be a short term thing but that was two years ago. Given how different Norah and Des are, it doesn’t make for a harmonious atmosphere.

Keep It In The Family was co-written by David Nobbs of Reggie Perrin fame and Peter Vincent, it’s no relation to the later 1970’s sitcom that starred Robert Gillespie as cartoonist Dudley Rush.

Cast: Tim Barrett as James; Vivienne Martin as Yvonne; Tony Maiden as Val; Joyce Grant as Norah; Jack Haig as Des

Writers: David Nobbs, Peter Vincent / Producer: Ian Davidson / Executive Producer: John Duncan

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 6×30 minute episodes / 21 September – 26 October 1971