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Kidnapped (NBC 2006, Timothy Dutton, Dana Delany)



NBC’s Kidnapped is a high-stakes serialized thriller in which the teenaged son of a wealthy Upper East Side family is kidnapped and everyone is a suspect. The series focuses on the elaborate, triangulated game between the kidnappers, FBI and law enforcement, and the private negotiating team contracted by this perhaps not-so-picture-perfect family.

On a rainy New York morning, the idyllic existence of Conrad Cain (Timothy Hutton), a self-made millionaire with a long list of enemies, and his well-to-do wife Ellie (Dana Delany) is torn apart when their 15-year-old son Leopold (Will Denton), a smart but quirky kid whose innocence makes him the perfect target, is kidnapped on his way to school. The boy’s bodyguard Virgil (Mykelti Williamson), the boy’s first line of defense even after the kidnapping, is left to die.

Desperate to find his son while keeping his skeletons hidden, Cain enlists the services of Knapp (Jeremy Sisto), a professional investigator who works outside the law’s strict rulebook to retrieve kidnapping victims and guide families through the grueling process, and Turner (Carmen Ejogo), his able partner and right hand.

Operating opposite Knapp and his team are Special Agent Latimer King (Delroy Lindo), an experienced FBI agent who postpones his retirement due to a vested interest in this complicated case, as well as King’s colleague and antithesis, Agent Andy Archer (Linus Roache), who only knows how to play by the rules.

production details
USA | NBC – Sony Pictures Television – 25C Productions | 13×42 minutes | Broadcast 20 September 2006 – 11 August 2007

Creator: Jason Smilovic
Executive Producers: Jason Smilovic, David Greenwalt, Michael Dinner, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly

Timothy Hutton as Conrad Cain
Dana Delany as Ellie Cain
Linus Roache as Andy Archer
Jeremy Sisto as Lucian Knapp
Carmen Ejogo as Turner
Delroy Lindo as Special Agent Latimer King
Will Denton as Leopold Cain
Mykelti Williamson as Virgil
Robert John Burke