Killing, The (AMC 2011-2014, Mireille Enos, Snabba Cash)

Based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen (which translates as The Crime but the series was known as The Killing outside of Denmark) The Killing taps very nice into our current love for all things Scandanavian crime, however The Killing, being an American show, transplants the action to Seattle (but actually filmed in Vancouver – a good match with its cold expansive locations).

The series follows the police investigation led by Sarah Linden who is in charge of looking for the killer of a young girl named Rosie Larsen. Also on the team is Joel Kinnaman who has just joined homicide from narcotics. The series revolves around three elements – that of the investigation, that of the family and that of the local politics surrounding the case and its attendent publicity.

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Cleverly each episode focuses on a single day in the investigation and before you know it Linden quickly realises that everyone has secrets to hide. The first two episodes were broadcast together for a feature length opener.

production details
USA | AMC – Fox – Fuse / 44 episodes (seasons 1-3 were 45 minutes duration, season 4 were 60 minutes duration) / Broadcast 3 April 2011 – 1 August 2014

Us Series Developer: Veena Sud / Producer: Kristen Campo / Executive Producer: Mikkel Bondesen

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Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden
Joel Kinnaman as Stephen Holder
Liam James as Jack Linden
Annie Corley as Regi Darnell
Billy Campbell as Darren Richmond
Michelle Forbes as Mitch Larsen
Brent Sexton as Stan Larsen
Kristin Lehman as Gwen Eaton
Eric Ladin as Jamie Wright
Brendan Sexton as Belko Royce
Jamie Anne Allman as Terry Marek
Elias Koteas as James Skinner
Hugh Dillon as Francis Becker
Amy Seimetz as Danette Leeds
Bex Taylor-Klaus as Bullet
Julia Sarah Stone as Lyric
Max Fowler as Twitch
Peter Sarsgaard as Ray Seward
Gregg Henry as Carl Reddick
Joan Allen as Margaret Rayne
Tyler Ross as Kyle Stansbury
Sterling Beaumon as Lincoln Knopf
Levi Meaden as AJ Fielding

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