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Kipling (BBC Drama, Joss Ackland, Kenneth Fortescue)



Period drama series Kipling told stories of newspaper editor William Stevens (Joss Ackland) in turn of the 20th century India. Other major characters included journalist James Lockwood (Kenneth Fortescue), Mian Rukn Din (Patrick Westwood) and policeman Inspector Strickland (Barry Letts, who would move behind the scenes to work as a producer on shows such as Doctor Who).

Guest stars included the likes of Alfred Burke, Ian McKellan (making his TV debut), Patrick Troughton, Keith Barron, Michael Bates, David Hemmings, Dandy Nichols, Ronald Lacey and Barbara Murray.

The series was based on stories that Kipling wrote for Lahore daily newspaper The Civil and Military Gazette in the 1880s.

Cast: Joss Ackland as William Stevens; Kenneth Fortescue as James Lockwood; Barry Letts as Inspector Strickland; Patrick Westwood as Mian Rukn Din

Stories: Rudyard Kipling / Script Editor: Anthony Read / Music: Max Harris / Producer: David Goddard

UK / BBC One / 25×50 minutes / 5 July – 27 December 1964