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Knockout (NBC 1977-1978, Arte Johnson)




This number from Ralph Edwards Productions had a trio of players try to be the first to spell Knockout by identifying the one element not belonging among a quartet of words or phrases. Each identification earned a contestant one letter, who could then earn another letter by telling the relationship among the remaining three elements, or try to win two extra letters by challenging another contestant to do the same. There was a catch in the second option in that the challenged player could get the two letters instead of the challenger if he or she made a correct identification.

The game winner then played a two-tiered bonus round where on the first level he or she tried to guess the topic connecting three clues revealed one at a time. A correct guess was worth $500 on the first clue, $300 after two clues, and $100 after three clues. Correct identification on any level led to a chance to win 10 times that amount by playing the same game but getting only one clue to name the category. Hosted by Arte Johnson.

production details
USA / NBC / x30m-e / October 3, 1977-April 21, 1978

Broadcast Mondays-Fridays from 11:30am-12Noon