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Lakes, The (BBC-1 1997-1999,



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Temptation, revenge, betrayal and murder are riveting elements of Jimmy McGovern’s (Cracker) darkly tinted five-part drama of rural life in England’s Lake District. The beautiful backdrop of this idyllic setting is in sharp contrast to the secret murky undercurrents that lurk just beneath the seemingly calm surface of the picturesque village.

Danny Kavanagh’s tragi-comic adventures take him from the unemployment lines in Liverpool to the clean mountain air of a small community. He works as a porter in a tourist hotel and enters a world of casual sex and petty rivalries. But when four young girls die in a terrible boating accident, the harsh finger of blame is pointed at Danny by the whole community. Is he really responsible for their deaths? And if so, will the villagers ever forgive him?

Season 2 opened out to focus on more of the communities characters but still with a very strong emphasis on sex and murder.

production details
UK | BBC One | 1×90 minutes 3×50 minutes 10×40 minutes | Broadcast 14 September 1997 – 14 March 1999

Creator: Jimmy McGovern
Music: Nick Humphreys
Series Consultant: Joe Ainsworth
Producers: Charles Pattison (Season 1), Matthew Bird (Season 2)
Titles: Diverse design

John Simm as Danny Kavanagh
Emma Cunniffe as Emma Kavanagh
Mary Jo Randle as Bernie Quinlan
Robert Pugh as Father Matthew
Paul Copley as Peter Quinlan
Kevin Doyle as John Fisher
Clare Holman as Simone Fisher
Kaye Wragg as Lucy Archer
Elizabeth Bennett as Doreen Archer
Nicholas Day as Cecil Archer
Elizabeth Rider as Sheila Thwaite
David Westhead as Arthur Thwaite
Charles Dale as Gary Alcock aka ‘Chef’
Elizabeth Berrington as Ruth Alcock
James Thornton as Pete Quinlan
Tony Rohr as Grandad
Matt Bardock as Albie
Lee Oakes as Tharmy
Bob Mason as Sergeant Eddie Slater
Jessica Perry as Annie Quinlan
Barbara Wilshere as Dr Sarah Kilbride
Annabelle Apsion as Beverly
Amanda Mealing as Jo Jo Spiers
Marshall Lancaster as Ged Hodgson
Samantha Seager as Julie
Justin Brady as Billy Jennings
Joel Phillimore as Thomas Alcock
Robert Morgan as Charles Kilbride